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14 versions of Meli
From shemosus
From Darren (Sebulba_The_Dug)
From Gun (gunsan) unseen version
From Jeffrey (coolj001) pic1
From Christopher (cockjuice) first one
From Erika (mooncat)
from YL
From Oliver (FantasioX)
From Roy (gremlin65)
From Luc (Cibele)
From Beni (Beni_23)
From Jeffrey Again
From Gun Again
From Christopher Again

From the start of January 2003, many awesome friends and artists (some of them, you know already their names) have decided to portray me in various ways.

I can't express what it means for me, their gesture. Love you all :)

"Window" from sky
sky is Randy Thurman

again, I have been blessed with special gestures.
I can't find any proper way to tell the way all these artworks you will see in this site are makin me feel happy and lucky.
Not only, artists whose work I love to pieces have been inspired by me, but they have also said about me some sentences that I can only thank above for.
Now it seems that teh way they like to call me is "angel", but no, I am not really that.
Still , for praising the grace of all these people, I hope to be forever their good friend. You know, I mean it from my core.
Thank you all :)
With love, Meli :)

                     AS ONE 
Look into the mirror and see what I see.
 Let what I am become you and what 
                you are become me. 

  Let us breathe each others breath. 
        One heart beating true 

            Let us live as one 
  until reality's payment comes due.
               Randy Thurman