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At Chiara's Birthday
Some from *funny* Me
2003 Women Day
Meli's Pictures Jan/Feb 2003
2003 Women Day

I just can say, that we went back home at 7 AM... Judge yourselves ;)




Monia and Chiara weren't with us as they exited with their future husbands (!!!!!!!!They'll kill me reading this definition ;)) who celebrate birthday in March for a dinner in four.
Sad to add this, but they' wasted the best Women Day Night we've ever had since we have got used to dedicate it to our friendship :)
Tz-Tz.... ;) Next year they won't miss it I am sure ;)
We started goin like last year to our mates Club, and witnessed like last year our friends doing the strip (I won't post pictures of it again.. go to last year site ;)), then we decided to go out for a dancing night.

Mariko, the new flatmate of Elisa (Japanese!!! I love her, she's as cute as a Manga , so totally crazy and funny.. and she speaks quite a good Italian already :)) must have though we were mad, because we planned in fact to never go sleep.
We went to this famous club, and shaked ourselves off for all night, meeting an entire new crowd and in the end having SO MUCH fun :)
Women day is great passed with your best frineds, innit? :) Roll on next year!!!