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14 versions of Meli
From Gun Again


From shemosus
From Darren (Sebulba_The_Dug)
From Gun (gunsan) unseen version
From Jeffrey (coolj001) pic1
From Christopher (cockjuice) first one
From Erika (mooncat)
from YL
From Oliver (FantasioX)
From Roy (gremlin65)
From Luc (Cibele)
From Beni (Beni_23)
From Jeffrey Again
From Gun Again
From Christopher Again

This is The Golden Meli Portrait Gun made of me in Renderosity. A piece of stunning artistry.
Pity that I have seen Missus D's troll of hate (under a name, relating to command, truly fitting a psycho like she is, LOL) degradating that amazing piece with an ashaming rate just to trash me like she could afford ever, to someway diminish the awesome beauty of this piece of art.
Gun, dear, I am sorry you had to stand that. But still, this piece of yours, it's one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life.
I will always love to pour over you all kind of gold and light :)
Kisses :)