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My Artwork Album 9
Primary Colours Of Friendship


mooncat Portrait | The Only Thing You Wanted From Me | Queen Of Spades (and Hearts) BW | Primary Colours Of Friendship | Art Movements 1: The Fauves | Art Movements 2: Expressionism | Art Movements 3: Cubism | Art Movements 4: Abstractism | Art Movements 5: Metaphysical | Art Movements 6: Surrealism | Art Movements 7: Pop Art

I am particularly linked to this work, because it sees also the reworkin of their own portraits I did (look elsewhere in my site)by Jim (Synapse) and Olli (FantasioX). Then the portrait of mine Olli made, I have reworked that myself, composing it all in Photoshop and creating the background.
I love you two men :)
You are such special friends for me, and this year when we will meet I'll show you how much you do count :)
Luv :)