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My Artwork Album 9

mooncat Portrait | The Only Thing You Wanted From Me | Queen Of Spades (and Hearts) BW | Primary Colours Of Friendship | Art Movements 1: The Fauves | Art Movements 2: Expressionism | Art Movements 3: Cubism | Art Movements 4: Abstractism | Art Movements 5: Metaphysical | Art Movements 6: Surrealism | Art Movements 7: Pop Art

The Ninth Album, sees me challenged quite a lot from the March Month Theme in the Renderosity 2D Forum.
Among the rest, I have created 7 pieces inspired by Art Movements of 1900. Look in my Renderosity Gallery to read also my essays about it!!
(Or wait till Cameron will unify them, so I can copy them in the site too).

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Copyight Policy: ENABLED ( see from my homepage, the terms applied here as well).
Warning: This album might contain drawings which portray nudity, and they might be not suitable for children view. No violence depicted, however, of any kind.


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