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At Chiara's Birthday
Some from *funny* Me
2003 Women Day
Meli's Pictures Jan/Feb 2003
At Chiara's Birthday

Even Stef came down for celebrating her. The sweet man ;)
Look how we dance on tables (luckely you can't see me there.. I was shakin my ass off :P)


8th of February 2003. Chiara settles up for her own party.
Invites 30 people and brings us to the coolest restaurant around town. :)


I was wearing this pony tail.. because.. because... oh well, because it was the most comfortably hairdo thinkin we were gonna dance over tables even.
Ehy!!!!!! It's not easy to wear my long hair when you like to dance the way I do.
I simply need to have head free, to shake at my best ;)
By the way.. food in the restaurant wasn't that good ;) But the place is as well a dancing club, lookin somewhere between Mexico and Arabia and it was AWESOME :)


Chiara is the girl with the green shirt (a Benetton one we did gift her with just that night ;)).. undecided if goin on dancing.. but Raffaella aside her seems to have pushed her enough at keepin it up.. :)


Chiara was very happy that at least Stefano came from Lodi's Creek to cheer her up. Others couldn't, as half Lodi then was having flu.
But being Stef half time in Rome, he must have escaped to it quite fairly :)
I was happy too of his presence.. you might guess from the smile :)
Below, Raffy has pushed Chiara TOTALLY at keepin up the dance, as you see too ;)
It has been a great party :)