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At Chiara's Birthday
Some from *funny* Me
2003 Women Day
Meli's Pictures Jan/Feb 2003

What was in my camera from first day of January(well, from New Years Eve...), till Women Day 2003 (so.. that's actually March more than Febryary.. oh well ;)!)


This picture was surprisingly cute. One of the very few times when I have liked one of me straight. I think it's the third time it happens in my whole life ;)
It's taken from New Years Even and yes, my clothing was ruling (of course ;)) the whole night out.

I just needed to clear up my camera before two months filled of pictures occasions (My Birthday.. anyone?? New Car, new House... Ste's Bday and Lodi's creek madness.. these stuffs coming in March and April.. updated probably by May 2003) and so there you go, take a look in some more madness from my life ;)
Especially three morning pictures which will make you LAUGH.
No, honestly.. you will ;)

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Beside all my blabbing, you will see among these pages the suepr funny celebration of Chiara's Birthday too. It was a ROCKIN night.
Utterly awesome.
We ended danced over tables for the whole night ;)


I wanna rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *yes* :)
And in January I actually did, in my own personal gig. Ilaria has the pictures. I hope she'll allow me to post them one day ;)