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At Chiara's Birthday
Some from *funny* Me
2003 Women Day
Meli's Pictures Jan/Feb 2003
Some from *funny* Me

I love to play with cats.. and with my morning moods ;)


All of you know I adore cats. This one is Tigra, the new cat of Gulli that last year I was holdin in other pictures as a little lovely kitten. Look her face.. I was really ticklenng her in the way she prefers the most (plus.. I literally talk with cats ;) in THEIR language ... no.. really I do!!)


The idea for the morning pictures before was to make myself aware of my awakening.
Pity that the expressivity of my face is utterly ridicolous. I can't really stand the camera,*especially* if I am the one takin the picture!!!! I do think is ridiculous, indeed, and that's why i have that face. I hope ;)"""!!! So, I'll never do it again ;) This is a testify of unique shots in my life. Promise :)




Read my face as "I'll never even try anymore to shot pictures in the morning with a digital camera that is not even mine" ;)